dedication & passionWe are great family

Belsan we are a big family, 3 generations, a lot of dedication and passion for a dream, to produce the best citrus fruits in the world, from a land that faces the Atlantic, catches its breeze and bathes in the sun of Murcia.

We are a land of fruits and traditional know-how… that has implemented the latest technologies available to improve the production and selection process of our citrus fruits, in a totally sustainable and circular way, and boosting our production to be present in the most important markets. prestigious in Europe.

The Greatness of a team Great family, 3 generations

Lovely & Pretty CitrusThe value of tradition

We believe in the values provided by the tradition and heritage of our grandfather Francisco Belmonte. The love for our land, the effort and daily work, the tenacity in the face of problems, and the sense of loyalty and honesty towards our customers. Tradition is innovation based on values.

We are a team, from the field staff, to the innovation, packaging or warehouse staff, all of us who make up Belsan, we are aware that each link makes this chain strong.

A team to dream of Francisco Belmonte

Nature Lovers

We live connected with nature, with our land, its water and its breeze. Only in this way, by loving our land and its fruits, can we achieve a sustainable and high-quality project like BESLAN.

Taste & ExperienceVisit Us

Would you like to visit our farm and facilities? Call us and we will show you how we work Belsan. You will get to know our sustainable production process, the packing and selection plant and above all … you will be able to taste our products freshly harvested from our fields.

Tasting room open every day 10:30am-4:30pm